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Understanding and Treating Vaginismus is a one-hour film to help women understand vaginismus. The film is based on my many years of experience evaluating women with sexual pain and treating vaginismus. Though I developed the concept of the Pacik multimodal program and received FDA approval for continued research, I nevertheless felt that there was still a great deal of information missing from various websites, especially the concept of self-evaluation and self-treatment of vaginismus for the less severe forms of vaginismus. This video fills in all those gaps and provides a comprehensive overview of vaginismus and treatments for vaginismus.

During the professional lectures I have given I often had questions regarding the specifics of the Botox multimodal treatment program for vaginismus. For this reason, I created a brief 10-minute film to help doctors understand the Botox multimodal program for the treatment of vaginismus. It is vital to understand that there is much more to the treatment of these women than simply injecting Botox and additional research needs to be done by physicians who plan to use this form of therapy.

Available as a digital download for $25



This book offers important medical information and first-person vaginismus stories. It stands apart from other vaginismus books, in that it includes a new treatment option that has helped over ninety percent of my patients with severe vaginismus. This treatment of vaginismus using a multimodal program allows women to overcome this condition to go on to have pain-free, intimate relationships. Vaginismus stories and support can help to put you at ease.

Pacik Dilators

The Pacik Dilators, have been custom designed specifically for the needs of our patients. Based in part on feedback from patients, along with our attention to detail, we have been able to create a product superior to any that is currently available. With the ultimate goal of being able to transition from dilator to intercourse, it is our belief that these dilators are an important, as well as comfortable, tool in reaching your goal.

The Pacik Dilators are similar sizes in circumference to the Pure Romance line of dilators but half the length (approximately 3.5 inches or 88.9 mm). The ergonomic “hat” shaped design at the end allows the dilator to sit comfortably against the vulva without the discomfort of the protruding disc against the inner thighs. These are two of the important differences between the Pure Romance dilators and the Pacik Dilators. Sleeping is also easier with these dilators. These dilators were custom made for Dr. Pacik’s patients with medical-grade tempered Borosilicate (similar to Pyrex) glass to make dilation more comfortable. The Pacik Dilators are easy to insert, easy to clean, and fit comfortably. They are stored in a fashionable black satin bag.


Dr. Pacik’s Dilators are now available through the company that manufacturers them — Crystal Delights. The Pacik Glass Dilators can be ordered as a set of the #4, #5, and #6 dilator or as individual dilators (#3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8). The #3 dilator is ideal as a starter dilator for women who have severe fear and anxiety for penetration. The #7 and/or #8 glass dilator is ideal for transitioning to intercourse when the partner is larger than the #6 dilator.