Understanding & Treating Vaginismus: 1 hour video


Understanding & Treating Vaginismus: 1 hour video

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Understanding and Treating Vaginismus is a one-hour film to help women understand vaginismus. The film is based on my many years of experience evaluating women with sexual pain and treating vaginismus. Though I developed the concept of the Pacik multimodal program and received FDA approval for continued research, I nevertheless felt that there was still a great deal of information missing from various websites, especially the concept of self-evaluation and self-treatment of vaginismus for the less severe forms of vaginismus. Below are some of the highlights of this video.

Table of contents: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:30 What is vaginismus?  
  • 2:35 History: Sims 1861
  • 5:50 Early experience with Botox treatment for vaginismus
  • 8:08 FDA approval for continued research: Botox multimodal program for vaginismus
  • 9:15 What is vaginismus? DSM 5 definition. Insurance 
  • 12:50 Differential diagnosis of vaginismus and other forms of sexual pain
  • 16:30 Symptoms of vaginismus, “hitting a wall” with penetration
  • 20:10 Burning with penetration
  • 22:40 Self-evaluation based on pain and anxiety scores
  • 23:10 Scoring system for vaginismus severity
  • 25:30 Pacik Botox multimodal treatment plan under conscious sedation
  • 30:20 Less severe vaginismus patients treated with dilators
  • 31:38 Multidisciplinary approach
  • 33:50 GYN exam
  • 34:50 Discussion of various dilators, Pacik glass dilators
  • 39:00 Dilation regimen
  • 45:30 Lubes for dilation
  • 49:00 Dilation and menses
  • 49:30 Counseling for vaginismus
  • 1:01 Resources
  • 1:03 Centers trained in Botox multimodal program
  • 1:04 Advocacy


The information on the Understanding & Treating Vaginismus: 1 Hour Video is for educational purposes only and not intended as treatments. The content of this video is based on my many years of treating women with vaginismus. As a retired physician I am no longer treating patients nor do I do consultations. I continue to advocate for women with vaginismus and continue to write scientific publications to teach clinicians how to treat these women. I do feel that any woman with vaginismus is capable of doing her own research to better understand this medical condition.