Lubrication for Vaginismus Dilation:

Lubrication is important during the dilation process to help prevent irritation. Get samples of the many lubes available on the internet. Avoid additives such as odor, heat, cold and vibration as these may cause irritation. Lubes that have a glycerin base tend to dry and become sticky. Some women are allergic to the preservative Parabens which is present in many of the lubes and can cause irritation. A lubricant that avoids Parabens is "Slippery Stuff" which is preservative free. Use a water spray bottle when the lubes begin to dry. Silicone lubes last longer but should not be used with silicone dilators as “like dissolves like”. Oils such as olive and coconut oils are safe. Any lubrication can be used for the Pacik glass dilators.