Lady’s Sparrow Foundation (LSF) Mission

Lady’s Sparrow Foundation (LSF) is on a mission to provide patient advocacy and public education in women’s sexual health. Through the founder’s own journey, she discovered how truly widespread sexual issues are involving women suffering from vaginismus, vulvodynia, and other sexual health issues. These women are your daughters, mothers, sisters, and best friends. The lack of easily accessible resources, help, and understanding results in the feelings of isolation, worthlessness, shame, embarrassment, being broken, and hopeless. LSF is here to end the silent suffering and connect women to the right resources so that they can be empowered by their bodies instead of being repressed by them. 

5 programs within Lady Sparrow's Foundation


Vagi-What?” Tours

There are 5 programs within LSF that work together to solve the issues these women face. The first is the, “Vagi-What?” Tours”. This program is designed to go into colleges, universities and our military to begin the conversation of women’s sexual health. By starting the conversation that many are afraid to have or are too embarrassed to discuss, educating the audience, and revealing the truth that these women are far from alone we break down the walls of isolation and begin to build a world of understanding and qualified resources.

The Birds and The Bees

The second program is “The Birds and The Bees”. A child’s sex talk from their parents create building blocks for the relationship with their bodies and sex. For most individuals, they think back on their sex talk and remember awkwardness, disgust, embarrassment, fear…. or they do not remember having one. This has bigger consequences than just when or how an individual discovers sex. A child needs to feel completely comfortable going to a parent for questions or concerns so that they know what is normal, what is not, and to be able to receive help if needed. Vaginismus can be triggered if a child is taught to fear sex or sees it as shameful. It is imperative that we teach our children to build a healthy relationship with their bodies and sexual health.

Support Groups

The third program is the “Support Groups”. We get it… suffering from a sexual health disorder can feel extremely isolating, daunting, and scary. The therapy programs require dedication and are often mentally and physically exhausting. Even the most qualified physician cannot provide all of the emotional support needed in a person’s journey. The Support Groups are there to help individuals through the healing process. They will provide a community where these women feel safe and not alone. They will teach them ways to cope with the stress and emotions that these women will go through. They will also be there to help with accountability so that women do not give up before a full recovery.

The Mentorship Program

The forth program is “The Mentorship Program”. Suffering with vaginismus, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia and sex after cancer provides a whole set of problems that is hard to turn to your friends and family for help. We pair mentors that have fully recovered or are well managed with mentees who are getting ready to start their healing process. They interact through email, phone conversations, or if location permits in person. Having a someone you can safely talk to, vent to, or ask silly questions takes away much uncertainty, fear and embarrassment. We have also found that not only does the mentee receive incredible help from this program but so does the mentor. By the mentor using what was their pain in a way to help another individual and requiring them to talk about it gives them a new-found confidence and empowerment.

build relationships with qualified healthcare provider

Finally, at LSF we work hard to build relationships with qualified healthcare providers so we can confidently refer women who come to us for help to the right resources. Currently the average women will have to go to ten gynecologists before being diagnosed with a sexual disorder. This results in desperation or hopelessness. Our referrals provide quicker diagnosis and treatment plans resulting in healthier women both emotionally and physically.

For more information please visit our website or email us at Your donations and efforts are crucial for Lady’s Sparrow Foundation to build and continue our programs for the millions of women suffering.