Publication: Pacik Vaginismus Treatment: Clinical Trials Follow Up 241 Patients

By Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS

The Sexual Medicine Open Access Journal published a paper written by Dr. Peter T. Pacik on the experiences and outcomes of the treatment of 241 women using the Botox multimodal vaginismus treatment program. Pacik Vaginismus Treatment: Clinical Trials Follow Up 241 Patients is available as a download and can be shared with anyone.

This paper covers the history of vaginismus, vaginismus publications, vaginismus symptoms, vaginismus diagnosis and vaginismus treatments.

A section of the paper is devoted to better understand the severity of vaginismus and how this relates to available treatments that can be effective. The paper, based on FDA approval for continued research using the Botox multimodal program of vaginismus treatment, demonstrates the effectiveness of this form of treatment. In this study patients were able to achieve intercourse within an average of 2 months, which is especially noteworthy as most patients had severe vaginismus as noted by the Lamont and Pacik classification, had failed an average of 5 prior treatments and had the condition for a mean of 7 years.

Women are encouraged to read this paper. Though scientific in nature it is my feeling that most women and their partners will be able to comprehend the contents of this paper and in the process better understand vaginismus. This publication can also be shared with clinicians who are involved with your care as well as family members who often do not understand the complexities of vaginismus.

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